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MI Celebrates Teacher’s Day

photo: Teachers and Students standing above the dining-hall.

The day turned to be so beautiful. ON bright sunny day of May 2nd, Muenselling Institute, like any other schools throughout the nation celebrated the “Teacher’s day”. The programme consists of the following items

  • Gathering in the dining-hall
  • Offering of Jamchoe
  • Prayer
  • Welcome Speech by Choeki Wangdi
  • Welcome song
  • Messages Rani Maya and Tshering Tshomo
  • Dance
  • Group Song
  • Sollo Song by Tshering Pem
  • Tea Break
  • Photo Session
  • Dance
  • Sollo song by Dawa
  • Paying gratitude to the teachers in Dzongkha
  • Group Song
  • Address to the gatheringPrincipal
  • Sharing of views, Lop. Tashi Dorji
  • Tashi Lebey
  • Vote of Thanks. Norbu Tshering

The programme began at around 9:45 offering Jamchoe (butter lamps) for the long life of the present serving teachers and tribute to those who lost lives while serving the institute. This was followed by prayer for about half an hour.

After singing the national anthem, the programme began with the welcome speech.

Choeki Wangdi, who joined the institute this year after losing his sight while studying in Nangkor High School in class XI, welcomed the gathering.

“I, on behalf of the students of Muenselling Institute and on my own behalf wish to extend my heart-felt welcome to the teachers for the programme,” he began.

Choeki also talked on the importance of the day. He reiterated the importance of the teachers, the service they render for the lives of the students.

“But, today is also another important day. We must not forget that our 3rd King was born on this day,” he continued.

He mentioned the developmental activities started by the 3rd King, Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck.

This was followed by varieties of cultural items of songs and dances, solo songs, duet songs etc.

As usual, the messages sent by the alumni members were also read out.

Message from Ugyen Wangdi

Rani Maya of Class VI read out the message of Ugyen Wangdi, HRO Asstt.
Respected Sir,

My limited words may not suffice your expectations, and reach up to your satisfaction, but as a token of appreciation, I from the core of my heart would like to extend my profound gratitude for tirelessly put in effort to groom me.

I have realized that without our teachers imparted knowledge and continued support and guidance, none of us can succeed in our life. No matter what positions we hold in the society, they all are due to hard work and mentoring of the teachers that they have put in as we all know that even our Buddha learned from his teachers before he got enlightenment.

Our teachers are source of knowledge, inspiration, counselors, and our second parents. I request my brothers and sisters currently in the institute to always respect our teachers as they are like a light in the darkness that clears our ignorance.

Respected teachers, I have no other words than to pray for your good health and prosperous life ahead, but your kind support and hard work rendered to me shall never be forgotten in my life. I have a great expectation that you will further continue your high level of hard work, commitment, and great passion in order to make feel all the students one day that teachers are always important in their life to shine and to live an independent life.

My special thanks goes to Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel who put extra afford in teaching me English and ICT skills, Mr. Karma Norbu, and Mr. Tashi Dorji for Dzongkha,

Ugyen Wangdi
Assistant HRO
Supreme Court.

Message from Tenzin Drakpa

Tshering Tshomo of class VII read out the message of Tenzin Drakpa, who completed XII in 2016 from Jigme Sherubling Central School.
My Dear Teachers,

With boundless gratitude I bow before your feet on this day. From the island of darkness you safely took me to the blissful offshore. My new lease of life has set. Above suspicion, my teachers has been greatest personalities who shaped my life to present form. My life was just a dough then. Ready to take any shape. You have sculpted me well. So well that now I realized it has cost all your sheer dedication and selfless effort to shape me. With nil arrow I was born with quiver. Later I found a person who not only put arrow in my quiver but also taught me how to had hunt game. Dawn till dusk your adivices still lingers in my mind. It's generally said and accepted that leopard cannot change its spot. But now I realized there is single person who existing who will remain forever to prove this say obsolete. Because I found my teachers in school have that potential even to change the spots of leapord. Of all besides mere ABC you taught me book holds a house of gold. Thank you teachers for being such a noble guidance. Thank you for everything. Words are limited yet my gratitude on this very day knows no bound. Happy Teachers' Day.

With Best Regard
Tenzin Drakpa

The students also offered Khadar to all the teachers. A parent of a child studying in Class PP offered gifts to the teachers teaching her child.

photo: Teachers standing above the dining-hall.

After tea, the programme began with the photo session with the teachers and students.

In the address of the principal to the students, he talked on the importance of teachers, the historical background for choosing this particular day as the “Teacher’s Day”, the life history of the 3rd Druk Gyalpo and the changes brought forth by the third king to the nation.

“It was not so necessary to arrange such a grand celebration,” he said.

“More important is your faith, love and devotion to the teachers,” he continued.

“No teacher would wish a child to fail in the examination, all the teachers would have the common dream, the dream for all the students to succeed in their lives,” said Lopen Tashi Dorji, while sharing his views.

In his closing address of vote of thanks, Norbu Tshering, the school captain, thanked all the teachers for sparing their precious hours to be present for the programme. He also thanked other staff members for their support for the programme.

“Had there not been such cooperation and support, the programme would not have been a success,” he said.

At the end of the programme, the principal, on behalf of the teachers invited all the students and other staff members for the lunch.

“We do not have much to offer, but just a simple lunch, a token of love, faith and respects amongst the teachers, staff and students. Kindly accept our invitation and join us for the lunch,” he said.

The programme began at around 9:30 and ended at 1:30 P.M.as saying goes: “That begins well, ends well,” sowas the programme.