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MI Interhouse Singing Competition 2017

photo: Students singing.

Muenselling inter-house singing competition was conducted on Saturday, 29th of April, 2017.

The singing competition was conducted with the following objectives:

  • Showcase the hidden talent of the children,
  • Learn and develop singing techniques,
  • Promote and preserve rich tradition and culture
  • Build confidence in facing the public

Annual singing competition is one of the institute’s very special events of the year. Almost all students enthusiastically participate and showcase their talents in singing and music.

Singing competition was judged based on the following criteria:

  • Theme 15
  • Voice coordination 10
  • Pronunciation 5
  • Tuning 10
  • Scrutinizing with the music instruments 5
  • Presentation 5
  • Total 50

photo: Students singing.

Principal and Kinzang sir were the judges for the competition. The marks by the judges were awarded based on the criteria set by the cultural committee on five items presented by each house.

  • Boedra,
  • Patriotic song,
  • Zhungdra,
  • Rigsar
  • Solo song

Mr. Wangda, the in charge of Religious and Cultural committee welcomed all the participants, judges, teachers, staff and other students.

Principal talked to the gathering the importance of participating cultural items and took the opportunity to open the present donated by the Norwegian Embassador with 8 CDs of Norwegian songs and model of a pollar bear made of glass.

Lop. Wangda briefed the floor the criteria of the competition and offered opportunities to the judges to speak to the participants. Having nothing to announce or comment, the competition began.

The competition began at 10:30 and ended at around 12 noon.

In the category of Boedra

  • Nima scored 93
  • Dawa 94

In the category of patrioticsong

  • Nima 87.54
  • Dawa 92.5

In Zhungdra:

  • Nima 94.5
  • Dawa 94


  • Nima 94.5
  • Dawa 94

Solo Song

  • Nima 96
  • Dawa 94

The position of the singing competition: Nima stood first and Dawa with 2nd position

The points of the houses till date are: Dawa House 7 points.
Nima House: 7 points.