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Opening a new chapter for the VI children

photo: Receiving netbooks.

Muenselling Institute received five netbooks for The VI students.

“This netbooks are to be used for the students integrated to Lower Secondary school,” said Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel, who initiated for the programme. “With these netbooks, the students will be able to type their own homework and submit directly to their concern teachers particularly in English, History and Geography,” he said.

On fourth of March, Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel received the five netbooks through Mr. Vijay Raj Chhetri, a friend of the donor.

On 27th of March, the netbooks were handed over to the students.

photo: Students with a netbook each with the teacher.

The students were briefed on the importance, care and proper use of the netbook.

The principal, on behalf of the Muenselling family thanked Ms. Lena Akerlund, chairman of SB foundation for their support and particularly thanked Mr Arne Wikstrom through SB foundation for their generous gift.

In her email to Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel, Ms. Akerlund wrote: “We feel very happy that this could take place and want to thank both of you for your kind cooperation and the trouble you have had for it. It is very good to know that the netbooks will be of good help for the students.”

The students thanked the principal, teachers and particularly the donors for their generous support rendered and for their understanding.