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Inter-House Khuru Competition

photo: Boys throwing khuru--dart.

It is well known in Bhutan that “Khuru” is one of the traditional games alive yet. Khuru is an important co-curricular activity in the institute as every child is given equal opportunity to learn the rules and experience the game.

On 8th April 2017, Games and Sport Team collaboratively conducted the khuru final competition between Nima House and Dawa House.

Some of the guidelines of the competition;

  1. Team composition: 4 players from each house both boys and girls.
  2. The game will be played for 15 rounds for both boys and girls.
  3. The house scoring the highest points after 15 rounds will be the winner.
  4. If a khuru hits directly to the target but doesn’t stick on it, no points will be awarded.
  5. If a karey is being dislodged from the target by an opponent, no points will be awarded but however, if a karey is being dislodged by a team mate, points will be counted.
  6. Referees decision will be final and binding.

Awarding of points:

  • Karey: 2 points
  • Daya: 1 point
  • Dobji: 4 points
  • Bull eye: 3 points

photo: Girls throwing dart or Khuru.

Review of the Match:
Nima House Total points
Boys 3
Girls 19
Total 22

Dawa House Total points
Boys 27
Girls 12
Total 39

Match Analysis: From the data given above, Dawa house stood first position with 39 points followed by
Nima house with 22 points.

The points of the house till date:
Dawa House 6 points
Nima House 5 points