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Muenselling Family commemorates "International Day for the Persons with Disabilities"

photo: group photo of parents, teachers and students.

On the 3rd of December, the family of Muenselling Institute joins the rest of the world commemorating the "International Day for the Persons with Disabilities" on the theme:
"Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all"

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The day began with the gathering of all the teachers, students and their parents by 8 in the morning. This was followed by offering Jamchoe, (butter lamps) and prayers for the wellbeing of all the persons with disabilities of the world, peace and prosperity of the nation, long life for their majesties and thanking god for the year 2017.

"May I take the privilege to extend my hearty welcome to the parents of the children, my colleagues and children for the gathering," said Mr. Dorji Wangdrup, the principal of the institute in his welcome speech.

"As we commemorate the day, we also take the opportunity to conduct parent’s teachers meeting," he continued.

The principal highlighted the theme of the day, the importance and the roles and responsibilities of the parents of the children with disabilities.

Mr. Tashi K, the vice principal of the institute, read out the message from UN Secretary General To read in detail, follow the link:
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photo: Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel presenting.

Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel, a teacher, of the institute who recently returned from Japan after attending "Capacity Leadership development on UNCRPD" talked for 45 minutes on "Inclusive Society from the prospective of the persons with disabilities.

"We are all persons with disabilities one way or the other." said Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel. "Do you agree to this statement?" he asked the audiance of more than 100 people gathered in the hall.

He talked the difference between impairment and disabilities, the traditional medical model and of today's social model.

"My presentation is almost entirely based on illustration, but I shall ensure that my friends with visually challenged are not left behind," he continued.

He also talked of an ideal inclusive society, the need of early intervention, support service required for the parents and persons with disabilities, challenges in the society, barriers for the PWDs. He also presented couple of case studies for the audience to analyse.

photo: Another photo of Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel presenting.

"The presentation created an avenue for us to give a thought," commented one of the parents later.

"He presented a critical situation that needs to be really studied and give a thought," said one of the parents.

Mr. Wangchu the in charge of disaster risk management talked to the parents and students how to prevent and support in times of emergency to the persons with disabilities.

This was followed by the presentation of Ms. Oyama Yumiko on the exchange programme conducted between a school for the blind in Japan and the students of Muenselling Institute.

The principal and Mr. Kelzang Dorji presented to the parents and the children the "Draft 1st Policy on Disabilities" For 45 minutes, they explained to the parents and the children the policies adopted by the high-level task force chaired by His Excellency, the minister of Foreign Affairs.

"Once this policy has been adopted and endorsed, all of us will be in a better situation," said Mr. Kelzang Dorji in his presentation.

Mr. Tashi Dorji, a teacher of the institute, who became blind at the later age talked to the gathering of his experience of his early childhood life and later as a blind person. He shared to the parents how he felt when he first became blind.

"I felt so suffocated and often tried to end my life," he said.

"This is the time, when we all need to work hard and provide maximum support to the persons with disabilities," he said.

In the session where parents were provided an opportunity to share their views, one of the parents on behalf of all the parents, thanked the institute, the faculty members and the government for what has been done to support their children with disabilities.

In his vote of thanks, Mr. Tashi K, the vice principal of the institute thanked all the parents who took the trouble coming all the way for meeting and to fetch their children.

This was followed by the declaration of the result.

Lunch was served to all the audience who were gathered for the celebration. The observation of the day began at around 8 in the morning and ended at around 2 in the afternoon.

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