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Inter House Goal Ball Competition 2017

The most interesting game played in our Institute is goal ball. Goal Ball is a universal game that is mainly played by visually impaired people. Goal ball is a game played by two teams of three players with a maximum of three substitutes for each team. The game is played in a gymnasium on a court 18m x 9m which is divided into two halves by a centre line. The purpose of the game is for each team to roll the ball across the opponent’s goal line while the other team attempts to prevent this from happening. The goals extend right across the 9m at each end of the court.

There are many strategies to the game of goal ball. The ball can be thrown soft and hard and, slow and fast. It can be thrown straight, diagonally in the court from corner to corner or even curve it by placing a spin on the ball before releasing it.

On 3rd of April 2017, the Games and Sport Collaboration has organized goal ball competition between two houses .i.e. Nima and Dawa House. Basically, the goal ball we played in our institute follows International Goal Ball rules. On this basis there were two categories of team which were formed as junior categories from Class PP to Class III and senior categories from Class IV to Class VI for both boys and girls. Match Analysis:

  • Junior Category Girls
  • Nima 6-3 Dawa

Senior Category Girls

  • Nima 3-0 Dawa
  • Junior Category Boys

Nima 3
Dawa 3

Senior Category Boys Nima 6
Dawa 3

According to the match analysis, Nima House took the first position with 18 points followed by Dawa House with 9 points.

The total points for both the houses: Nima 3 points
Dawa: 3 points.