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Foundation Day 2017

photo: offering butter lamps.

On Thursday, 23rd of February, 2017, MI celebrated forty-four Foundation Day.

photo: students teachers and staff members praying.

The day’s programme began with the lighting of Jamchoe followed by prayer, paying tribute to those who have lost their lives for the service of the visually impaired children of Bhutan. It was also a prayer for the students who died and also for the wellbeing of the present and future of the MI family. The celebration took place about an hour.

photo: Principal addressing the gathering.

In the welcome speech by the principal, he extended his hearty welcome for the great occasion and for the year 2017. The programme consists of the following items:

  • Offering of Jamchoe and Marmi Menlam
  • Welcome speech
  • Welcome song (Menjong Cheki Zhingdu)
  • Message from the founding Principal.
  • Girls Group dance (Menchung Bumo Chegi Ngesem Trodai Mo)
  • Message from Mrs. Gro Rypestol, Teacher.
  • Group Song (La Zhugpai Jampa Chezang La)
  • Sharing the history of early 70’s Mr. Tshering Dorji
  • Solo Song (Namkha Yuyee Phodrang) Damchoe
  • Message from Sanga Dorji.
  • Message from Amrith Subba.
  • Message from Sangay Dorji
  • Message from the former Principal, Mr. Tshongpen Wangdi.
  • Sharing the history of 90’s Ms. Pema Zangmo
  • Song Campus A. Students views Kuenzang, Campus A.
  • (Neyla Dangpa) Students
  • Message from Maoraj.
  • Group Song MI Staff
  • Message from Tshering Tenzin
photo: Girls dancing.

Mr. Tshering Dorji, in his message to the gathering expressed his views of the past. He revealed the hardship the school went through, the activities learnt and of the wonderful time spent as a child.

“We did not have any light facilities, or let alone mobile, not even the telephone,” he said.

“Once we came from school, except writing letter, there was no other means of communication,” he continued.

Mrs. Pema Zangmo, who was a student in the 90’s shared her views of the institute.

“Producing books was not an easy task,” she said.

“The teachers had to manually writing on the Perkins brailler and thermoform. We did not have facilities such as computers, or embossers as you have today,” she added.

Mr. Kuenzang a student of class X. shares his views as a student of 2000’s.

“I joined this institute back in 2006. We were lucky to be one of the first batches to learn computer,” he said.

“We miss the institute, more when we are integrated to a regular school,” he said.

“Staying here was like being at home. Cooks are so close, teachers are very friendly and loving,” he continued.

“I urge you, little brothers and sisters to study hard and do not miss the opportunities you have, while you are studying here,” he advised.

To read other messages, follow the link below: Press enter to read more.

photo: Students singing

“The programme went so well. So, I, on behalf of the principal, the teachers and students and on my own behalf would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful organization,” said Mr. Tashi Kay, the vice principal, on his vote of thanks to the gathering.

Lunch was served to all at around 1 PM. The programme was a great success.

The programme began 9:30 and ended at around 1:30