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Inter House Balanced Race Competition 2017

photo: Balance race.

Our body balance is a direct reflection of our balance in all things in our life. Our body is the physical manifestation of our inner self – who we are. Healing of the body-mind-soul comes with understanding of our balance in our body and therefore our balance in all things in our life.

On 13th March 2017, the final balanced race competition was held between the two houses (Nima House and Dawa house). The Games and Sport coordinator and the staffs’ jointly conducted the match in which all the students were the participants.

This is a kind of game especially designed for visually impaired children. In this game, children try to balance on the long wooden pole and compete racing from one end to the other side. The one who completes the race with his/her body balance, gets the full points. It is conducted as inter-house competition every year. The score line shown below clearly forecast the match analysis:
Nima House
Boys: 73 points
Girls: 78 points
Total: 151 points

Dawa House
Boys: 100 points
Girls: 69 points
Total: 169

Based on the data given above,
Dawa House took the first position with 169 points followed by
Nima House with 151 points.

With this Dawa scored 2 points and Nima scored 1 point.