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Visit of Norway Ambassador to Bhutan

photo: Ambassador with staff and students.

On Friday, 28th of April, Norway Ambassador to Bhutan H.E Mr. Nils Rangnar Kamsvag visited the institute. His Excellency and his secretary were received by Dasho Dzongda of Trashigang Dzongkhag, the chief DEO of Trashigang, DEO of Wamrong Dungkhag, principal and staff of the institute.

The guests were escorted to the prayer room for the programme.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Dorji Wangdrup, the principal extended his hearty welcome to the guests and shared the status of the institute.

“We have 35 students studying from class PP to VI and 7 in Campus B with the total number to 42,” he said.

photo: H.E and Dasho Dzongdag of Trashigang Dzongkhag.

This was followed by the address by His Excellency.

“Although we are far apart, yet we have some similarities,” he said.

“Our country is peaceful as yours, we have mountains although our mountains are not as high as yours,” he continued.

This was followed by few items of songs presented by the students.

In the vote of thanks, Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel unfolded the history of the beginning of the institute, lives of the people of early 70’s. He also thanked this Excellency’s visit to the institute.
To read in detail, follow the link below: Vote of Thanks by Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel.

This was followed by interaction with the students arranged in another room.

His Excellency talked to the students the early history of Norway of Vikings building good, strong ships and of travelling to other nations. He also asked of the benefit of ICT programme supported by NORAD.

Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel presented the importance, advantages and the benefit of ICT programme launched in the institute supported by NORAD.

Mr. Choeki Wangdi, who became blind in 2016 while studying in a regular school in Nangkor Higher Secondary School in class 11 request His Excellency to convey the message to the people of Norway and particularly to Mr. Kippenes thanking him for starting the school.

“Had there not been such a school, all of those who are here would have lost our hopes in lives,” he said.

“Please convey our message and we would like to thank Mr. Kippenes for opening such a school for us,” he continued.

His Excellency, Dasho Dzongda and Education officers were offered lunch after the photo session with the teachers, other staff and students.

The guests left for Riserbu at around 1:30 PM. The Muenselling faculty were lined up for the see off wishing the guest safe journey back.