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The parents/guardians are one of the main stakeholders who have the pivotal role to play in grooming all round development. He/she should always look for any early symptoms of disabilities.

Early interventions

The parents/guardians should be able to notice some unfamiliar development in their children. In case of such observation, he/she should be taken to the BHU or medical centers for checkup. So many disabilities could be prevented by giving early medical attention. The right experiences and inputs at this time can help reduce the impact of impairment and prevent the occurrence of new problems.

Observation of all round development of a child

As parents/siblings they are 24 hours with growing child and should closely watch his/her steps of growth. They may observe the following:

  • Does my child have epilepsy?
  • Does my child sleep properly?
  • Does my child eat properly and have enough nutrition?
  • Does my child see and hear properly?
  • Does my child learn properly from his/her adult around?
  • Does my child respond to call and take part in active play?
  • Does my child walk properly?

Past occurrence in the family

As a member of the family one should study if there are incidences of past occurrences of any disabilities in the family and in neighborhood for giving proper guidance.

Interaction and Experiences

In case of any observation made in steps of all round development, the concern child must not be kept idle in the family and should be given maximum time to react and experience in the family. His/her early experiences if meaningfully guided shall help in preparing the child towards learning.

Continuation of activities of the school at home

Once the disabled child is in school, they are given step wise guidance for activities for daily living and are expected to be continued at home by parents and other family member involved during the breaks.